Click on the photo below and prepare you mind to be BLOWN! 

September has brought big changes to Sweet Love Bakery!

Probably the proudest change we have made is in our ingredients... We are now using all ORGANIC flours and dairy in all our products! Yes, our sweets may be a little (well, you know) but at least you can feel good about eating one of our delicious items. For more information on this change stop by our booth or contact us. We now have ingredient lists on hand and would love explaining more on this change. Our prices will remain the same. "Your prices are the lowest in the market, I suspect and the best!" Lyon from Havelock.

Husker football is finally here! Don't forgot our Husker Kitchen Caramel Corn at your next football game party. No game is really the same without it. Go Huskers!

On other food news: SEPTEMBER SPECIAL is our Chocolate Banana Baby Breads for only $2.00. This is not permanent on our product line, so get it while you can.

Brand new this month is our Afternoon Delight Cinnamon Rolls. Please send feedback to us if you would like to see this on our product line permanently.

We have also added a Discount Basket to our table at both Havelock and Haymarket Farmer's Market tables. Discount goodies! Be sure to check it out next time you're at either market. It's worth a peek.

We are now attending the Haymarket Farmer's Market 'til end of market season. We are located left side of 7th St. from Q St. under the Empyrean Brewing Co. sign. We share booth space with Mama Mara. A few fun facts about Haymarket Farmer's Market that I personally did not know; market is the oldest farmer's market in Lincoln -- over 23 years and still going strong. And Haymarket is the longest farmer's market in the STATE! We are so excited to be in the Haymarket and hope to see you there!

We will still be attending the Havelock Farmer's Market every Wednesday through September. We ask that if you'd like to see us in Havelock in October please either come by our booth or contact us. We would like your feedback on this subject. We are still very much undecided. Our calendar list we will be at Havelock through end of season, but it may change due to poor response.  

Fall events in October and November have been added to our calendar. Please check them out. We want to see you there.  

On site news: New photos have been added! New recipes and new page is coming soon.

Until we meet again. We love your sweet face.