Grateful Bread. Lincoln, NE

Know me long and you'll come to know... I love soup! Sure my fave is New England chowda (notice the spelling) in the fall if I happen to be in New England. I have yet to find descent chowder in Nebraska. I'm a native, but I recognize our downfall. Know of any fabulous chowder, contact me! Seriously, contact me.

Around 3pm I was feeling "the need" -- okay yes, it is like horribly humid outside and muggy and just plain hot, but we were downtown and like less than 10 minutes away from Grateful Bread! I couldn't resist!

There's been a lot of press and blogger chat about the place, and rightfully so. I've been a faithful follower of their spicy spoon for years now. My favorite is their Moroccan Tomato! Of course, it is their bestseller -- so get there early or you will miss out!

I am sad to report Grateful Bread no longer makes or serves their insane cinnamon rolls with that oh so yummy buttercream frosting. Horrible news, I know! I cried.

Bad news over and done... they do have killer cookies! My favorite is their Ranger Cookies. My fellow follower in my spoon licking fun bought their new "granola cookie" which tasted really really good. I recommend them!

I love the place and I know you will too. Check them out if you've never been or visiting the Star City. Warning though, they are not open Mondays and Tuesdays. You have no idea how many times I've had to look in at their Mister Potato heads and their velvet Elvis and hug myself without any of their rad comfort food in hand.

Grateful Bread
1625 S 17th Street Lincoln, NE 68502
Wednesday-Sunday (open 'til 4pm)


Big seller of the week at Havelock (Farmer's Market) was our new addition -- Coconut Critters!

The weather had a lot of folks staying home, including some of the sellers this week. But we braved it!

Along with updates of our farmer's market adventures, I'd like to add we have added additional events to our calendar.

Fall is craft fair season and it looks like we'll be warming up with the knitters, quitters and craft lovers alike.

Again, a huge thanks to all who came out and bought goodies! Also a huge 'hello' to the sellers of the Havelock Farmer's Market -- you warm our hearts!


Our first time attending the Havelock Farmer's Market and our famous popcorn was the best-seller of the day!

Our small bags sold out within a hour and nearing closing the last large was nabbed!

As always, when attending farmer's markets, I had to keep myself in line... I'm a major fanatic of anything homemade and the market didn't disappoint.

God willing the weather Havelock will have to put up with us many more Wednesdays. View are calendar for more details...

Good to see old friends and happy to make new ones! Our booth is located in back of the Isle's Pub and Pizza... we share with Mama Mara.